First Step - Basic Training

We provide up to 20 scholarships per year to youth to go through a multi step software development training.  These scholarships provide a basic living allowance, free training and equipment to start as a junior web developer.

With this training they will receive certification and equipment to either work for themselves in web development or for another company in the Philippines.

We are endeavouring to bring our first trainees on soon.

 20 scholarships
Per Year

Basic living allowance and Equipment


Free training

Multi step training for three months

Web Developer


to work for themselves or for another company in the Philippines.


Second Step - Advanced Training

Of the 20 trainees a maximum of 5 will be offered advanced training so they can progress in their learning to become web developers.

These 5 will start to work on developing and supporting the real websites of companies to earn income. 

They will work using agile, lean and extreme programming practices.

5 Junior
Web Developer


& Providing Services

Those who have completed the advanced training will have skills to start in a junior web developer role with which we will endeavour to provide the opportunities.

Simply we are providing; the skills, the experience, the equipment and the market for these young adults to bring themselves and families out of poverty. This is the primary purpose of Dev2.