Our Visit to Tondo Manila

In June, a few of the team at Dev2 ventured out to the Philippines to meet not only with potential partners in our endeavours but also ones who live in the communities of Tondo. Accompanied by ladies from a school called the Purple Center, we drove through the dusty roads of Tondo in beaten down tricycles. Here are some photos from our visit:

Two girls (left) are standing and eating on the side of the road while a tricycle typical of the Philippines makes its way down the road. The lady on the right is selling food at a stall.

Power cables all strung up together. A sight you’d find at just about any densely-populated area in the Philippines. Among the power cables is a government-built shell structure where eight hundred people reside in shacks they built themselves.

A truck (left) is backing out through the narrow street as children play and bathe themselves outside.

When it rains in Tondo, the roads flood easily. We were in the Philippines during rainy season. The rain makes the stench of the rubbish even worse. 

Behind these four boys are sacks and sacks of rubbish for sorting and selling. These children asked eagerly to be in some photos.

As we walked through the community, we saw many adults milling around with nothing much to do. There is hardly any work for me in these areas. Though the children are happy, there is not much future for them. They need the opportunities to give them a future.