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Poverty is a veil that obscures the face of greatness.  We want to remove this veil, to bring out greatness in those we work with. We educate, equip and employ underprivileged youth in the Philippines with programming skills to bring them out of the cycle of poverty. Dev2 team wants to make difference to the lives in the Philippines. Here are some of our stories.

Meet James

Since his early 20s, James has had a connection to the Philippines. He has studied and worked in the Philippines. The insight he gained of the struggles that the Philippine people face left a strong impact on his life. James saw firsthand the poverty, the malnourished children, the families who live day to day and often wondered how he could help.

While needed in certain circumstances, James believes that in the long run giving handouts creates a dependent society. Financial giving can be a solution but unless it is mixed with long-term opportunities, it will not benefit.

James considered different ways to assist those in poverty, such as making items from bottle tops or sandals from tyres. However, all manufactured items have hurdles to overcome in export quotas, red tape and logistics. It dawned on James that he should use the skills that he has in software development in bringing these young adults out of poverty.
In New Zealand, James owns a consulting company that specialises in managing the building of software. The skills that are developed in software are transferable. And the demand for developers in the world economy is ever increasing. Besides the demand for developments, software is not bound by export quotas. The plan is to support and educate a few who are hungry to succeed, then provide them with opportunities in existing companies in the Philippines or employ them to deliver software services to New Zealand companies. James sees it as a long term plan, but with benefits that reach far beyond any of his other work. Dev2 Academy will enable many who are trapped in the cycle of poverty to break free and to bring not only themselves but also their families out of poverty.

Meet Mary

Born in Laguna, a province near Manila, this is Mary’s story.

"I grew up in a very small but close family. When I finished high school, I was granted free tuition scholarship from the university because my mum worked for the government. The only condition was that I kept high grades. If I got just one failing grade in any subject then I would lose my scholarship. The fact that my education would help my mum became my motivation to study harder. So I studied hard for four years and finished my degree of statistics in four years.

After graduation, I spent two months trying to find a job. Initially, I was contacted for jobs in call centers but I wanted something related to statistics or information technology. During those two months, I traveled to Manila and found a one year graduate programme for fresh university graduates who wanted to enter the IT field but had no prior experience. The programme promised a rewarding career in IT. It sparked my interest so I took the plunge. After completing the programme in 2007, I worked my first role as a software tester. Because of the demand for graduates in the IT field, I had the opportunity to work overseas in Singapore. A career in IT provided me with many more opportunities in life. That’s why I like to be involved with Dev2 to help youth in the Philippines."

Meet Jose

Jose was born in a small family as the youngest of two children, Rizal near Manila. He had a very simple but happy life as a student. He completed a course in IT from a good university with the help of his mother who helped him search and apply for a scholarship. The scholarship did not cover the full cost of the tuition fees but it was a great help for him and his family, and for that, he was really grateful.

Finishing an IT course paved the way for his career as a software developer. His education gave him many opportunities to travel and live overseas such as in Singapore and New Zealand.

Jose is extremely thankful to the people who offered any type of funding for his studies. He now realizes it's time to give back to his community by being involved with Dev2.