Diversity – why it is so important

Insight into your target group is a key success factor in developing software. There are many techniques used to gain this such as creating personas and design thinking. However, nothing can beat having people from your target group being part of the software development team.

Most software development teams are made up of white males. Therefore the software that is developed tends to be focused on meeting the needs of the “white male”. This is a big issue and companies are starting to realise that diversity in a group will create better quality software.

The people we train come from a particular social economic area that is severely under represented in software development teams. They think differently, have different ideas and see the world from a perspective that you cannot get from a book. By hiring those, you will get this perspective. A large percentage of the world is in poverty and the number is increasing. Therefore, if you want to meet the needs of this target group you will need to start to understand their world.

We train those from this lower social economic area so that those trained can come out of poverty and provide companies across the world access into the minds of those in poverty. We encourage you to help us and help yourself by employing some of those we train.